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Most Progressive School of the AWES

Junior Wing

S.No. Date Activity
(a) 29 Apr 2016 (i) Vegetable Painting (Cl I to III)
(ii) Thumb Painting (Cl IV to V)
(b) 15 Jul 2016 Inter Class & Bulletin Board Competition (Cl I to V)
(c) 05 Aug 2016 Rakhi Making Competition (Cl I to V)
(d) 19 Aug 2016 (i) Solo Song Competition (Cl I to II)
(ii) Picture Composition (Cl III to V)
(e) 09 Sep 2016 (i) Picture Composition (Cl I to II)
(ii) Solo Song Competition (Cl III to V)
(f) 07 Oct 2016 (i) Computer Paint Brush Competition (Cl I to IV)
(ii) Computer Power Point Competition (Cl V)
(g) 21 Oct 2016 (i) Card Making Competition (Cl I to II)
(ii) Diya Decoration Competition (Cl III to V)
(h) 28 Oct 2016 English Recitation Competition (Cl I to II)
(i) 04 Nov 2016 Spelling Bee (Cl III to V)
(j) 18 Nov 2016 Fancy Dress Competition (Cl I to II)
(k) 25 Nov 2016 Fancy Dress Competition (Cl III to V)
(l) 02 Dec 2016 English Skit Competition (Cl I to II)
(m) 16 Dec 2016 Theme Based English Skit Competition (Cl III to V)
(n) Jan 2017 Sports Activities (Cl I to V)
Senoir Wing

S.No. Date Activity
(a) 23 Apr 2016 House Meeting
(b) 07 May 2016 Inter House Hockey Match (Boys & Girls)
(c) 16 Jul 2016 Intra Class Decoration & Bulleting Board Competition (Cl VI to XII)
(d) 23 Jul 2016 Intra House English Debate
(e) 06 Aug 2016 Intra House Hindi Debate
(f) 20 Aug 2016 (i) Intra House Spelling Bee Competition (Cl VI to VIII)
(ii) English Extempore Competition (Cl IX to XI
(g) 27 Aug 2016 Intra House English Declamation
(h) 03 Sep 2016 Intra House Hindi Declamation
(i) 15 Oct 2016 Intra House Volleyball Match (Boys & Girls) Semifinals
(j) 22 Oct 2016 Intra House Volleyball Match (Boys & Girls) Finals
(k) 29 Oct 2016 Intra House Quiz Competition
(l) 05 Nov 2016 Intra House Basket ball Match (Boys & Girls)
(m) 09 Nov 2016 Intra House Folk Dance Competition (Group Activity)
(m) 26 Nov 2016 (i) Intra House Salad Making Competition (Cl VI to VIII)
(ii) Flower Arrangement Competition (Cl IX to XI)
(o) 03 Dec 2016 Display your Talent